Nevo, found.

Finding NevoFinding Nevo by Nevo Zisin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is unlike any biography I had read before. Nevo Zisin is honest, raw and vulnerable in their telling of their life so far, but this is a book about courage. Courage to accept yourself, courage to trust others, courage to step forward and courage to tell others about your experiences. Nevo was designated female when born (biologically female), but struggled with BEING female in a heteronormal landscape. I heard Nevo speak at Reading Matters 2017 (#YAMatters) and I was prompted to read more about their life after their amazing presentation.
Finding Nevo is written with disarming candour, and a fantastic light touch. This makes it easy to read, as well as an important text in the increasingly diverse YA lexicon. Whilst I came to the book as the mother of an out and proud lesbian, I admit I initially struggled with pronouns – but as I read further things began to make sense to me. I hope many, many people will read this and finish it changed by Nevo’s wit, charm, and quest for acceptance and understanding.
For readers 13 and up.


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