Unlucky Thirteen

ThirteenThirteen by Tom Hoyle

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“Thirteen is the last year of childhood….the boy must be killed before he is a man.” – this is a quote from Coron’s Great Book . Coron is the deluded leader of cult known as The People. The cult believes that 13 (evil) male children born at the turn of the millenium (in 2000 AD) must be kiiled in order for their “Master” to retain his powers and annoint Coron as the King.
This is an addled excuse for a novel. I really found it difficult to read as the narrative is all over the place. Adam, the thirteenth boy on The People’s hitlist is not fleshed out enough as a character for me to care about what is happening to him. His best friend, the plucky Megan, is a better character and better written too. Coron is a cliched, sociopath and not that scary. I was continually disappointed in this novel and I really wanted it to work. The premise itself is interesting and the production values of the book itself (with its yellow cover and great page edges) promised way more than it delivered. The ending of the book indicates there is another one to come, but I won’t be bothering.
Don’t waste your time with this one – read Gone or Cherub or Uglies instead, you will find better character development, story arc and genuine suspense.
For ages 12 and up, if you can be bothered.