A life from A to Z and back again

My Life as an AlphabetMy Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a quirky, funny and likeable girl Candice Phee is. 12 years old and trying so hard to draw all the important people in her life towards happiness, she is a delight from the first page. Candice has a very interesting way of looking at the world. She is very literal, sometimes using that trait to be deliberately obtuse with the adults around her, and reads the dictionary every night. She has no friends at school until the fabulous Douglas Benson from Another Dimension shows up. He understands her “uniqueness” as he is similar (while being completely different) to Candice. From Douglas with his “facsimile” parents, to Rich Uncle Brian, to Candice’s depressed mother and the school bully Jen Marshall, this novel is brimming with memorable characters. Because I want everyone to discover the joy of Candice Phee, I am not even going to HINT at plotline, but this is an immensely satisfying journey over a few months in Candice’s life. You will rejoice at the end and want to read it all over again because it is over.
Good job Candice, and great job Barry Jonsberg. The Gold Inky was well-deserved!
Ages 12 and up.


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