Not your average milk run….

Fortunately, the Milk . . .Fortunately, the Milk . . . by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A riotous triumph from beginning to end. Gaiman and Riddell are the perfect synthesis of author and illustrator. I chuckled to myself all the way through this story, proving it has something in it for all ages. Essentially a children’s story, it is also a story for parents that shows the magic in storytelling – that something as mundane as going to the corner shop for milk can become an adventure in itself.
Dad, who looks uncannily like Gaiman (no coincidence, I’m sure), is left to look after the kids while Mum is away at a conference. With no milk in the house for breakfast, Dad sets off to the corner shop to buy some. When he takes a very long time for such a simple task, the children occupy themselves by pulling faces at each other. When Dad finally arrives home, the son accuses him of running “into someone you knew and you lost track of the time.” Dad does admit he did run into a neighbour, but moments after he was whisked up into a huge silver humming and thrumming flying saucer via a glittery beam of light.
So begins a rollicking adventure featuring gloopy aliens, pirates, volcano gods, dinosaurs, intertgalactic police and vampires. Chris Riddell’s illustrations capture the outlandish goings-on with wonderful precision and a sense of fun.
This is a fantastic book and would be great fun to read aloud to your child,or to a group like a classroom.
Highly recommended for ages 8 to 80


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