I like what THIS Tony Abbott has to say

FiregirlFiregirl by Tony Abbott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tom is in Year 7 at Junior High in the US. He shares everything with his best friend, Jeff – except his crush on Courtney. Tom fantasises about rescuing Courtney from all sorts of situations and is always trying to impress her. Into their lives walks Jessica Feeney – a new girl like no other they have met before.

Jessica has survived a terrible fire, which left her with horrific scars. Some kids, including Tom’s friend Jeff, cant’ even look at her without feeling sick and disgusted. Rumours start about Jessica’s involvement in the fire, especially when she reveals her sister died as a result of it. Tom, who lives next door to Jessica, soon discovers that al is not as it first appears. As he gets to know Jessica he learns some scars go even deeper than burns. Tom’s friendship with Jessica makes Jeff jealous and impresses Courtney. During a class president campaign, Tom learns a lot about himself and his classmates – and what is really important. He learns what true strength and courage are all about. Jessica only stays at Tom’s school for 3 weeks, but knowing her changes Tom forever.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.


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