The Hunters Captured My Imagination

The Hunters (Brotherband Chronicles, #3)The Hunters by John Flanagan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The third instalment in the Brotherband Chronicles is, I think, the best. Fast-paced, great plot movement and battle scenes (particularly the epic battle between the Heron and Zavac’s pirate ship, Raven near the end) are brilliant. I could really picture the action in my head and at one point it got so exciting I could not turn the pages fast enough!
Hal and his crew, including Thorn and the newest member, Lydia, are in hot pursuit of the Raven and Zavac’s, whose band of pirates stole the Andomal (an important Skandian relic) form their village. Lydia is out for Zavac’s blood because of the death and destruction he brought to her village, Limmat. This story really sees us getting to know the characters and their quirks better. There is suspense, drama, comedy and emotion throughout, and all done with aplomb. Many reviewers seem to thinks this is the last in the series, but I am pretty sure there will be more and the final pages certainly leave room for it. I will be very surprised if it stops at number 3!
In any case, this is a great read and I recommend it for anyone from 8 to 80. Flanagan’s humour and eye for detail is evident in spades and will win over the most reluctant reader. I look forward to many more adventures with the Heron and her crew – and if it is not to be, I will just re-read the three I have!

For ages 10 to 100!


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