All Fired Up…

Fire in the SeaFire in the Sea by Myke Bartlett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This book was full of surprises. The sense of unease Myke Bartlett crafted was palpable within the first few pages. I was really scared (which I loved) right from the get go. The way he turned an idyllic seaside setting in Perth into something menacing was fantastic. Central character, Sadie, witnesses a disturbing attack on an old man who later dies. Then she finds out the old coot has left her his house and possessions in his will! “Is this a ghost story?” I wondered. As I continued to read, it became apparent that this story was about to veer in an unexpected direction. I love it when that happens to me. Instead of being embroiled in what I thought was going to be a zombie/alien/ghost scenario, Bartlett instead creates a horrific Percy Jackson flipside full of gods, demons and guardians in a pitched, bloody battle of good and evil. No spoliers but I adored the protagonist, Sadie, very much- as well as her best mate Tom who reminded me of LOTR’s Sam in his devotion to Sadie. The broody, dangerous and mysterious Jake was also a delight. This was a thrilling roller coaster ride from start to finish. More please!
Ages 14 & up


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