The Wild Card in Vanguard Prime

Wild Card (Vanguard Prime, #2)Wild Card by Steven Lochran

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, let me say I was all set to be disappointed by this sequel. Second books and movies in a series can be notoriously bad (except if they are Star Trek movies or The Empire Strikes Back). I am pleased to report that I thought this was better than Goldrush (Vanguard Prime #1). Our hero, Sam, (aka Goldrush) is still settling in to his superhero life and in this adventure is thrown in the deep end with the mysterious and awesome Knight of Wands. After Goldrush and the Knight take a trip to Chicago to hear the Knight’s mentor speak, there is an attempt on the Knight of Wand’s life. Goldrush discovers he can run up walls (cool!) as he races to save the Knight. Into the picture comes Solitaire – a shadowy figure of unknown loyaties who assists and then informs them that the Major Arcana (the bad guys) have put a kill order out on the Knight of Wands. What follows is a roller coaster ride through the history of the Knight and an education for Goldrush on just how manipulative Major Arcana agents can be. No spoilers here (as is my policy), but I will say that the dreams Sam was having in Book 1 are still with him in Book 2, and I suspect we are approaching a point in Book 3 where they start to come true. “He will wake in darkness. And into darkness he will cast you all…” Sounds like book 3 to me! I can’t wait to read it.
Ages 10 and up.


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