A wake-up call

When We WakeWhen We Wake by Karen Healey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Set in Melbourne, this is sci fi writing at its best. Tegan (Teeg) is a sixteen year old girl, loving life her best mate Alex and her new boyfriend Dalmar. Her life changes irrevocably the day she attends a climate change rally in the city centre. A sniper, aiming at the Prime Minister, shoots Tegan instead. Her world goes black and she wakes up, 100 years later in a research facility. Everything she knew is gone – in an instant. Her mother, her friends, the world she knew has disappeared. Luckily Tegan is a resourceful and strong-willed girl and she learns to adapt quickly to her new surroundings. It is clear she is a pawn in a much bigger game than she could ever have anticipated.
The novel doesn’t pull any punches about the effects of climate change and touches on many related issues without being preachy, which I really liked. It treats the YA reader as someone with intelligence and curiosity. The things that happen to Tegan, framed in the future science (and society) that Healey uses so well, are totally believeable and genuinely scary.
I also loved the use of song titles from Tegan’s beloved Beatles as chapter titles. It just shows – good music is good music even 100 years from now!
I am pretty sure there must be a sequel in the wind, or already here, so I must seek it out asap! I am anxious to find out what happened after the last page. Highly recommended.


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