99 Flavours of Suck….didn’t (suck, that is)

99 Flavours of Suck99 Flavours of Suck by Tania Hutley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

99 Flavours of Suck certainly describes Kane’s life. His Mum is TV’s “dog whisperer” and he’s allergic to dogs – which he has to keep secret because if the TV bosses find out his Mum’s career is OVER. He fancies Pippa, but can’t talk to her for long periods because she has just bought a new puppy and converstaion with Pippa results in Kane becoming an itchy, wheezing mess.
Alternately told by Kane and Pippa, this is an unusual story, for sure. During the filming of a segment at the home of another dog trainer, the creepy Shep Silver, Kane receives a bite on the hand that will change his life forever.
Embarrassed on national television by a quirky turn of events (that I will not spoil here), Kane struggles to live his life and hold on to his friends. There is much to like here, particularly the way that Tania Hutley has her characters consider the true nature of love and friendship. I enjoyed the last third of the novel, as Kane tries to solve his problems, more than the preceeding chapters.
I will be watching to see what Tania Hutley writes next. I liked her writing style and her “real” characters in “unreal” situations.
Ages 12 and up.


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